Tuesday, February 12, 2013

God's love

While doing my Good Morning Girls bible study today, I read Luke 5:16 where Jesus withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.  Even HE prayed!
I liked how it's worded in a commentary by Barclay:
The love in the eyes of God compensated him for the hate in the eyes of men.
The approval of God nerved him to meet the criticism of men.
He drew strength for the battle of life from the peace of God.

As I reflected on this simple concept of Jesus Himself praying, I realized that even when I'm at my ugliest, God loves me.  When I feel guilty for my actions, God loves me.  I simply need to withdraw and pray and bathe in his love, forgiveness and grace.  He alone strengthens me and I need to stop sabotaging my own life with a bad attitude.

Um, ya... parenting, being a full-time mom & homeschooling is a tough job.  But *my attitude* has the power to change the flow of our day.

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