Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Swiffer reusable refill

A friend of mine has a great little group on Facebook for sharing ideas on ways to save money.  I shared this little tip that I wanted to post on here too.I love me my Swiffer (not the wetjet just the simple stick kind) but hate paying for refills. I use old wash cloths instead. They pinch into the slots just the same. I put a little warm water in my kitchen sink with an all purpose cleaner and did a light cleaning of my floors today. Another reason it's great is because it doesn't leave a really wet floor and I can clean without having to worry about the kids stepping on it.  
I have a few of those microfiber clothes that'd work nicely for dusting too.  But I mostly use my Swiffer for quick washes between getting out the old mop and bucket.

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