Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stepping out my comfort zone

I am currently doing my fifth bible study with Good Morning Girls.  I started it last year with a group of friends.  We connect in a private Facebook group each day.  It's been a wonderful year of spiritual growth.  This format gives me the accountability I need to get in the scriptures each day!

I also joined a GMG leadership group for to help facilitate our study.  I received great support, ideas and extra aids from many ladies all over the world to bring back to my group.  I was in the role of "leader" just because I started the group but in NO WAY do I know more than the other ladies.  In fact, I didn't even call myself a leader at all for months.  I was very, very intimidated spiritually.

Last summer I had a crazy idea to start a second group.  I wanted to open it up to my friends who didn't go to church but were curious or for people new to the faith.  I thought it might be time to push myself and put the offer out on Facebook.  I'd been a Christian for 12 years and although I hardly knew much, I knew I was a little further down the road than some.  I figured if I didn't know something, I could look it up.  BUT after deciding to homeschool my kids, I really felt God saying no.  I didn't want to take on too much anyway.

Before starting my third study, Angela, one of the creators of GMG, told me there were many girls looking for accountability groups.  (At that time the leaders group was much smaller than it is today so she had messaged me directly.  Can I tell you how giddy I was!  Angela Perritt messaged me?!)  She asked me to consider adding girls to my existing group or start another.  I knew as soon as she asked that I would say yes to a second group.  As I said earlier, it had been on my heart but the format I HAD thought of wasn't what GOD HAD planned.  His plan was much better but He placed it on my heart before it all came to be.  

Today, Whitney, one of the contributors to the GMG blog wrote a great post about stepping out of our comfort zone.  I have to say what was uncomfortable for me was making my life busier - on purpose.  Ugh!  I didn't WANT to have to schedule things.  I wanted to be more relaxed (aka I am lazy) and I wanted to do what I wanted, when I wanted.  But because of these commitments, I had to balance my life and really focus on what's important.  I had to be purposeful with my time and I had to work at being productive when it's not in my nature at.all.  (I still struggle with time management but I am learning!)  Today God gifted me with a snow day.  I am able to stay home, blog and catch up on some things.  I am grateful!!!

I am currently doing my 3rd session with my second group called "Committed to Him".  I am amazed by the wonderful ladies that God is putting in my life and from whom I am learning much.  I can't say enough about this wonderful ministry!!!  And I can't say enough about a faithful God who gives me more than I deserve.

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Kathy said...

this is awesome Mary and I love how you've let yourself be used by Him!