Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sicky ickies

To prevent spreading germs, we all know how important washing hands is.  But after a loooong period of nastiness around here, I got the heebie jeebies from the kids toothbrushes touching.  Soooo I grabbed some mugs and am keeping everything separated.  They all got their own toothpaste and fancy toothbrushes in their stockings.  Now I don't have to worry about germs spreading as their toothbrushes dance around together in one big holder.  *shiver*

We have had a rough month around here.
It started in early December when Lance developed a cough.  That's when the humidifier first got plugged in.
Mid-December, Vienna and Lance got a throw up bug a week a part so we had to reschedule our Christmas cookie decorating party.
The night of that party Lance said his ears hurt but since none of my kids had ever had an ear infection, I figured it was the pressure from a head cold.  But the next day he said one ear was louder than the other.  After taking him to the doctor, we learned he had a double ear infection.  He went on antibiotics.
On Friday, Dec 21st, Jay started with a bad headache.  By Saturday he was a mess with stomach issues and dragged all day.  He had a couple naps too.
On Moday, Christmas Eve, I woke up extremely nauseous.  It developed into chills and body aches and I spent the day in bed.  I didn't have an appetite and although I felt better on Tuesday, I still didn't eat much for a couple days.
On Dec.27th, Colin started a five day run with a fever.  At one point it was up to 104.8F!

I took him to the doctor* on New Years Eve after he developed a yucky cough and he is currently on an antibiotic for bronchitis and remains mildly congested with a runny nose.
(*I actually took him to the ER because I didn't make it to his doctor's office.  I had scheduled a last minute appointment but was stuck in my driveway after a major snow fall and by the time I got out with the help of a neighbor, I missed the appointment and their office closed early on NYE.)

Jay ended up really sick with something more like what I had.  Chills, aches, no appetite.  He was messed up and missed work.
Then my Vienna started with congestion and woke up with a fever and she dragged around for two days this past week.  Hers hasn't developed into anything much but she does have a dry cough.

Friday morning that just passed (Jan.4th), Lance said he was cold and covered himself with lots of blankets on the floor in his bedroom.  He felt warm so I gave him some Tylenol and he fell asleep.

So here we are Sunday, Jan.6th and the kids are doing much better.  Noses are drying up and overall spirits are up.  We went to a birthday party yesterday and it was so nice to get out after canceling MANY plans between Christmas and then!
Colin said the cutest thing today... When he got up, he was happy and not clingy as he has been.  I praised him and said: "Colin, Mommy loves when you wake up so happy!"  He replied: "It's cause I feel better."  ha!  Even he knows it!
Oh how I pray we are on the road to recovery.  Certainly makes me appreciate the overall good health we do have!

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Anonymous said...

Aaaw such sweet pictures, hope everyone is better very soon. God bless you.