Friday, January 25, 2013

No more wobbly cans

We got new floors back in November.  (Click here to view that project.)  I finally got around to returning the many extra boxes of tiles this past weekend.  I kept a few though just in case we need to replace any down the road.

I don't have this idea pinned so have NO idea where I got it but I put those extra tiles in my pantry on my wire shelves.  Anyone who has them knows how annoying they are!  Cans and bottles tip over all.the.time.  So now I have nice flat shelves and it coordinates with my floor.  (I kept the backing on them.)

Also since we're looking at my pantry, you'll see baskets in there.  The one on the bottom is my baking basket. I pull that out when I'm making muffins, etc because it has my vanilla, baking powder, brown sugar, etc in it.  Great idea I got from my friend Laurel years ago!

Thanks for swinging by!

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