Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Less Facebook clutter

Last month I wrote a post about my personal problems with Facebook and how I've changed how I use it.  You can CLICK HERE to read that.

But the quick if it is that I no longer read the newsfeed, update my status or comment on friends' statuses or pictures.  (Again, you can read that other post to learn why.)

I personally don't think it's realistic (or even fun) to not be on Facebook in this day in age.  It's a fabulous tool in many ways.  So just staying off for a short amount of time doesn't work much.  Reminds me of that ecard floating around online that says:


So that's why I changed HOW I use Facebook. 
And I wanted to share an update.

Although I am still on Facebook, I have pretty much limited myself to just the inbox, groups, pages and events features.  I have stuck to these rules with the exception of Christmas and the day when my husband's cousin got married.  There was also a time when a good friend was ill so I checked her Facebook timeline for updates.  But I have not been lurking around other than that.

It has been hard in some ways.  I literally went through a period where I felt so disconnected and like I NEEDED to get on there.  I was going through withdraws.  I was lonely and wanted that "social" interaction.  I didn't make a public announcement and felt that people probably didn't think I cared about them since I wasn't commenting on their stuff.  And on the flip side, I felt left out and like I was missing something.  (And still do a little.)

I didn't want to post this on Facebook because I was slightly afraid that I would fail.  I didn't want people to hear me say something and not follow through.  (Although I blogged about it, not many people actually read my blog.  But once I share it to Facebook, traffic always increases that day.)  But now I feel the need to share not just to explain myself to people who *might* be thinking I'm snobbing them or pulling away from their friendships, but to maybe perhaps share and inspire someone else who is dealing with the same thing.

Yes I'm missing many things.  Yes the ease of connecting with people is gone.  BUT I have hope that I can make better time for the friends I do have and deepen those friendships.  I use email a lot more now!  I was just spreading myself too thin and couldn't keep up with all the information going into my head from the newsfeed.  I feel less cluttered in many ways nevermind all the negativity that I mentioned in my other post!

I'm still nosy and want to know what's going on.  I am still trying to find a healthy balance.  But for now, I know I'm on the right track.  2013 is a new year... one where I live my life with much more purpose and not take this precious time on earth for granted.  And cutting back on how I use Facebook will definitely help with that.

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Emily said...

It's a hard thing to do but I started doing this a few months ago and feel so much closer to my friends and family and actually making time for them in person...means alot to not only them but me as well. I feel the same way at times, like I'm missing out but all in all, friendship also means taking time to get to know them more on a deeper level than what the internet can give us. I'm also giving more time with God than ever before, meaning if I think about FB a lot, I can replace that temptation with reading my bible more and spend time with him or call up a friend and talk. It's working out just fine and pray it will for you as well! :)