Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another year of running!

One year ago on Jan.4, 2012, I wrote THIS POST about rolling off the couch and starting a new running program called Couch to 5K (C25K).  I was shocked at how well the program helped me build endurance.  In 2012, not only did I do something I once felt would be impossible, but I ran in THREE 5K races last year!  Today I took some time to reminisce about how far I've come!!!

Jan.23 was my first time making it to 2 miles in one workout.  I was so excited HERE!

Mar.17, I ran my first 5K and blogged about it HERE.

On Aug.17, I wrote an update about what I liked about running HERE.  I mentioned that I tried Zumba but I didn't stick with it.  Running is easy; no coordination needed!  I learned that I needed to have a race to look forward to keep me going.  I have friends who encouraged me and held me accountable!  It's not something I could do alone!  I'd rather sit on the couch and watch Netflix!

On Dec.2, I wrote a running update HERE.  I talked about what motivates me and how I track my runs.  Not only do I need good friends encouraging me, I like to see progress.  Some people like seeing pounds drop on a scale but I get satisfaction from increasing my distance in shorter amounts of time.  That tells me how well I'm doing and that's what I love seeing!

Today is the first day of 2013 and I look forward to running the same race I did last year again in March.  I want to finish it in under 30 minutes this time... something I haven't done!  In the past few months, I got lazy with my running and haven't progressed at all.  But with this new goal in sight, I am already feeling the motivation build.  I am using C25K again but starting at week 4.  I am running on my treadmill at speed 6 and walking at speed 4.  I used to run at 4.5 or 5!!!  Seeing that progress gives me hope that I can do this!

I have also added push ups, sit ups and planks to my workout.  I printed a calendar called Fab Abs January because I need something to follow.  Really hoping to see progress in the strength department.  I am hoping that'll help my speed for the big race in two and a half months!

After a full year, it feels so good to report that I stuck with it!  It wasn't my first attempt at starting to work out so I just wanted to encourage anyone reading that 2013 can be your year of following through just like 2012 was mine!

If anyone has tips or sites to share that'll help me build speed, feel free to leave them for me in the comments.  I really appreciate it!

And if anyone needs accountability, I would be happy to pay it forward.  Just let me know!

Thanks for swinging by!
And here's to a healthy new year!
*raise glass*

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Rob said...

Congratulations. I have just started on the app and have entered a 5K Fun Run in March. Here's hoping.
It's stories like yours that push me even further to succeed.