Sunday, December 2, 2012

Running update

I have been so bad about running regularly lately.  I'm averaging every 4/5 days and I want it to be 3x a week....  But I'd rather put it off....  I'd rather "do it tomorrow".  

So here are some things that keep me going when I want to give up.

1. When I don't feel like running... I don't run, I walk!  My goal is to do cardio and keep my body healthy.  So when I don't want to run hard the whole time, I just speed walk or change my incline or do intervals.  Because honestly it is still really hard mentally for me to run 25 minutes straight.  I have NO desire to ever run a marathon!  If I had longer legs, I'd love to be a sprinter though!  

2. I want to redo my first 5K race.  It's in March and I want a better time so although I'm not training hard right now I know I'll kick it into high gear in the new year.  

3. I track my workouts and love to see my numbers with dailymile, an online site and app.  I was giving myself a hard time earlier today about not running much but when I looked at my record, the number of miles in November wasn't that much different than previous months.  That encouraged me!  I want to exceed 18 miles in December.  

4. Run today to keep the guilt away!  I ran tonight so tomorrow when it's my day off, I have no guilt.  I know I did what I was suppose to today and it's just a lovely emotional weight off my shoulders.  That release of guilt is the best motivator for me right now!

5. Friends who post their workouts on Facebook.  I love when people post their workouts or comment on mine.  It encourages me and keeps me accountable.

As you can see, I am not one of those girls who crave a workout or run to relieve stress.  I know I'm not alone in this struggle but I will keep moving.  Even if days pass between runs, I won't give up.

"Even a bad run is better than no run at all"

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