Monday, December 31, 2012

Indoor outdoor snow fun

I love the milder than Canada winters in Connecticut.  But I miss seeing white all winter long.  We got a nice treat the other night!  The kids were so excited to play because the last couple times it snowed it melted just as fast as it arrived.  They were out THREE HOURS yesterday morning and went out again in the afternoon.

My baby wasn't (and actually still isn't) feel well so I brought snow inside for him to play with.  I gave him my measuring spoons and cups and he scooped the snow into his toy dishes.  I don't know where I first saw this idea but I know friends have done it.  Just grab a big container, put a towel on the floor and let them play!  It's snow fun!  *geeky snort laugh*... get it so fun... snow fun... *snort*

Thanks for swinging by!

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