Sunday, December 16, 2012

Displaying and keeping Christmas photos

I LOVE sending and receiving Christmas cards.  I especially love how times have changed and people are sending more photo cards.  I have shared in previous years that I saved all the photos I got and displayed them in little 4x6 albums, an idea I got from a friend (shout out to Lynne B!).  Years 2001-2004 are in ONE album.  2005-2007 each have their own album.  Just to show how times have changed.  I keep those in this pretty wire basket on my coffee table.

Most cards used to be in simple 4x8 size and were easy to cut.  But technology has changed and people are sending more 5x7 and collage cards that are trickier to cut and don't fit as easily in my itty bitty flip albums.  This year I noticed a new trend of double sided cards!  Nice!  

I now use this beautiful album and leave it on my coffee table.

This album starts in 2008 I have last years cards in it and I can still probably fit 2 or 3 more years in it.  

I don't have to cut many pics anymore now that I use this bigger 12x12 sized album.  I just add the pictures to the album fitting them on the page like a game of Tetris.  The kids especially love flipping through and seeing pictures of so many people they know and see how they have changed year after year.

On another note, this year's photos are displayed on my wall in the dining room along the chair rail and they will go in the album next year.

And I can't forget about the annual letters.  I think it's fun to read the year's summary and I tuck them in this pretty hanger.  I have a folder in my filing cabinet where I store these.
I just think photos and annual summaries are a fun little treasure to receive in the mail.  I really appreciate getting them!  So that's the low down on how I store all our seasons greetings!!

Merry Christmas!

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