Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Yesterday I woke up to Thanksgiving day.  I went on Facebook and also checked a couple blogs and the overwhelming sentiment was everyone prepping for a fun day.  I wrote this on as my Facebook status:

"As many Americans gather to celebrate w/their families with large servings of food and traditions, my little immigrant heart misses her Canadian family much. I am VERY thankful for my husband, kids and MIL who will share a meal today, but not everyone has the picture perfect Thanksgiving. I will choose to focus on my blessings and not the ache I sometimes get being so far from oh Canada. I will prepare the meal with a grateful heart, and love my family well today. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We are thankful to God for our abundant lives!"

I wasn't trying to have a pity party, but more saying how I felt so if there were others feeling a little sad, they would know that they weren't alone!


I chose to focus on what I was thankful for and not who I was missing.  God sent me a little love that morning and I went back on Facebook and wrote this:

"I am thankful for a husband who whispers I love you as soon as we wake up, for children who wake up happy, healthy and who play well together, for my morning cup of coffee and electricity to make it, for my cozy housecoat (aka robe for 'mericans) that makes me feel closer to my Mommy, for a fridge full of food waiting to be cooked, for facebook to keep me connected to wonderful friends and family, for my health and ability to stand in the kitchen to prepare food, for free pandora radio and music, for running water, and for the surprise pair of honking swans that flew overhead in the misty morning when I went to my car this morning that reminded me of my heavenly Father, Creator of all who loves me and cares for me and sends simple birds to remind me of His glory. Focusing on the great things in my life."

My mother-in-law arrived by late morning and kept the kids busy.  I made turkey, dressing. mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallow for my man, acorn & butternut squash, green beans and put out cranberries and pickles.  For dessert we had pies that my MIL brought with her.

My sweet daughter was in charge of setting the table and she wanted all the food on our new buffet shelf.  So her excitement for the holiday made me happy.

Snapshot of our food including the perfect out of the can cranberries!
There were many things that weren't picture perfect about our Thanksgiving, but we made it special by remembering why we gathered together for a feast on this fourth Thursday of the month.  I had a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

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