Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sandy, dumb storm

Hurricane Sandy ripped through the Northeast and we lost power Monday, Oct.29th at supper time.
We are inland so no flooding and hardly any trees down in my neighborhood.  Nothing like Irene!

The kids slept in our room the night the hurricane blew through.  Colin only lasted an hour though and we had to put him in his crib.

We have a generator so my husband hooked up the fridge right away.  We lost no food.  We have an extra extension cord that we use to recharge our phones, run the Keurig coffee maker, boil water with the electric kettle or light the lamp.  We thought we'd only be without power a couple days so this was manageable.

I had a really hard time with no running water (we have a well) and dark nights with just flashlights.  The internet on the cell phone was spotty and I wasn't getting much news.  It was rather frustrating not getting updates.  There didn't seem to be any damage around us but we couldn't even get an estimate for when we'd get power back.  I knew many had it worse off but was annoyed that ours would probably be an easy fix.

I went to friend's house Wednesday to shower.  She fed us a warm lunch and even washed the dishes I brought over dishes to clean.  I felt human again.  But then the darkness came again and I got grouchy.  How much longer!

Kids love playing with flashlights!
Friday rolled around and I got another shower at another friend's house.  She fed us breakfast and lunch!    It was awesome.  Friday night we went to a birthday party so got fed another hot meal.  Mmm Mmm.  While we were gone, Jay was home with an electrician.  He wired the generator to the house and we got a few more comforts connected to the generator:  water pump, furnace/heat, wireless router/cable internet - actually the whole office has power, even the light!

I finally caught up on news Friday night and Saturday.  NY and NJ are disaster zones!  Who am I to complain over a few inconveniences when my home is still standing, my family is safe, and I don't live in fear of looters?  I truly had no idea how BAD it all was til I saw the photos online!

We can all have or weepy moments or angry moments - we're only human - but we really shouldn't dwell in them.  We can't control anything except our own emotions.  I certainly had many pity parties but running warm water makes all the difference on moral around here!  As does perspective after seeing the news.

Today is Sunday, Nov.4th and we still don't have power.  Meals are cooked outside.  We use flashlights at night and in the bathrooms.  But I have no REAL complaints.  I am frustrated that our fix is last priority when it probably won't take long.  In fact, we are in the 1% of our town still without power.  Other parts were back on Tuesday!  If I compare myself to that, I get down.  But if I compare myself to NY & NJ, I am fine.

Anyone else singing songs from Annie?  "Saaandy, Sandy's his name if you please!  Dumb storm, why are you following me?" That's been the theme song around here.  (And I know I'm mixing two songs from the movie!)

So this is yet another lesson on perspective and gratitude.

Do all things without complaining.  Phil 2:14

I am grateful for:  
  • a husband who set up and maintains the generator
  • cell phone (even with spotty service)
  • land line I just got hooked up last week!!!  Unlike Irene I can call people!
  • our woodstove as temps dipped down later in the week
  • a generator
  • money to afford fuel and supplies
  • all of our health during this time
  • my Keurig machine.  no clean up necessary!
  • my husband's flashlight addiction so we had bright lights!
  • a home still standing
  • no spoiled food
  • running water
  • warm running water
  • grill to cook food
  • friends who welcomed us into their homes
  • God.  Because He alone is in control of all things.  Not me and certainly not power companies.

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Jennifer said...

Mary, I love this post and I loved seeing the kids dancing on Facebook. You are right, when we compare our circumstances to those who have more, we can easily complain. But, we must always remember that there are those who are suffering more than us. Thanks for the reminder.