Saturday, November 10, 2012

Organizing Kids Art

I can NOT take credit for this!  Just gotta clear that up right now!  :o)

I visited my friend Amy last week and she has a heart for all things organized.  (Not to mention a heart for hospitality.  She had us over during the power outage so we could shower and eat warm food.  We ended up staying for breakfast and lunch!)
Anyway... She had a curtain rod hung in her hallway with kids artwork on it.  I loved how it looked!  She said she saw it on Pinterest.  I don't know where she got the idea exactly but I ran out to the store days later and purchased two rods and curtain clips like hers.  She only had one with a beautiful frame above it with photos of her kids but I had a vision of two rows just like this!  

I included ribbons with dangling flowers and die cut monkeys along with my kids' pictures.  I hung it in the hallway by the kids' rooms.  It is so cheerful and it makes me happy as I pass by.  Had to share this great idea!  Thanks Amy!!

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