Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Clutter Cleaners Accountability

It was more than a common junk drawer.
It was more than just a pile of papers to sort. 
I had bins and baskets of junk to put away.  I had surface after surface covered in junk that needed a home....  I'd just throw it on a bookshelf and say:  "I'll deal with it later."
My bedroom.  My office.  My kitchen.  My diningroom.  My livingroom.
Closets.  Drawers.  Tables tops.  Shelf under coffee table.  
Things where they don't belong.  

My bedroom the worse of all because it was the dumping ground.  I cleaned the rest of the house and tucked things in here to "deal with later".
Don't judge me.
My home was becoming a place of stress and anxiety.  Not a haven from the world.  And my bedroom was hardly a sanctuary from the rush of the day.  

But the stress of not being able to find something because it was in a "to sort" bin SOMEWHERE and the fact that my low priority TO DO list was growing with no relief in site, I had to commit!  I needed to get my home in order!

I decided the end of October that I would commit the month of November to this task.  I would make no playdates, no extra outings with the kids, no spontaneous fun - even on nice days.  I had to get this sty in order!

When did it get SO out of control?  When I started homeschooling?

Or maybe it was the summer?
Who knows when!  Either way, I haven't prioritized the small unimportant things like filing, putting change in ONE spot, getting rid of things that needed to go, tossing papers that I just don't have to keep, etc.  It just piled up little by little til it was smothering.

I had to get this done.  I stayed off Facebook through the day and just DID IT!

I'm not done yet.  I still have tons of piles because as you clean one space the clutter just moves to another area.  But I still have another week before Thanksgiving and a few more days after that before the Christmas decor comes out.  Where do I put decorations in this mess!  And nevermind all the gifts that'll we'll get in just a month!  Ugh!

So in an effort to complete what I've started and in to inspire others, I started a new Facebook group called "Clutter Cleaners Accountability".  Feel free to join me as I organize because I know I'm not alone!  There is something so motivating about posting these pictures!

Just please... don't judge me!  *wink*

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