Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Scents that make sense

I confess that I am a candle snob.  I love Yankee Candles and I do not care for candles from certain big stores that shall go unnamed.  I love Yankee because they make a room smell amazing and they burn clean .  The scents don't smell cheap and waxy.  And I find that a home that smells good is more welcoming!
Candle tip: Did you know that if you burn a candle 1 hour per inch wide it is, that it will burn down evenly and not make a little hole in the center and bury itself?  Also trim your wicks to 1/4 inch each time you light it to avoid soot build up on the side of your containers.  

A different kind of candle...
I was introduced to Scentsy last year I think.  It's a home-based business and they call their product wickless candles but I prefer to call them wax warmers.  The pot has a lightbulb in it instead of a real flame.  You put a piece of scented wax in the dish on the top and when it melts, it releases the scent.  

I love Scentsy because: 
  • It's safer with kids around.  My kids have touched the wax and were not burned.
  • If I go out, it's not a big deal leaving it on (it's like a nightlight).
  • The smells are the same good quality as Yankee Candle.
  • I can turn it on/off without consider length of time burned (see my candle tip above)
  • There are many many scents to choose from and easy to swap out.  I love the variety.

A sample of their warmer and wax sitting proudly in my livingroom.

I don't sell Scentsy but swear if I had a home-based business this might be it!  I just bought the Apple Press scent and it's amazing.  It's not too strong and offensive for guests.  They have many fresh ones for sensitive noses.  And the best part... you can just turn it off to stop the scent from releasing.

If you want to purchase any Scentsy I have a consultant here in Southeastern CT and my cousin just started selling it in Saint John.  Links below!
My local consultant Michelle here in southeastern CT

And just for the record, even though I love Scentsy, I also still use Yankee Candles... especially in power outages!  But Scentsy is definitely what I use almost every day!

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