Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oh I could never...

I have been a homeschooling mom for a month now.  The most common phrase that people say to me when I tell them I homeschool is: "Oh I could NEVER homeschool because..." and they fill in the blank with something like:
I don't have the patience.
I don't have the skill.
I'm not organized enough.
Ugh!  They'd drive me nuts!

People, I am not some sort of super woman!  I am just like everybody else.  I feel totally inadequate for this task too.  Kinda like when I had a crying newborn and felt like I could never provide all the baby's needs!  It can be totally overwhelming sometimes!

But here is the one and only difference between me and someone who doesn't homeschool:

I want to.

I'm not more patient.
I'm not more skilled.
I'm not more organized.
And my kids drive me nuts regularly!

I am not a better mom than moms of kids in public school.  I don't love my kids more.  And I am not super awesome even if I want my kids to think so.  I just wanted to make sure the world knows this!

And I confess... yesterday I might have wanted to put them on the school bus!  But that's a whole other blog post!

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Wonderwoman said...

I am so proud of you Mary for taking charge of your children's future and schooling them yourself instead of letting the schools influence who they will be!

I learned early on to train my daughter to respond when someone would ask (even if they asked me the question) why she wasn't in school if we ran out in the middle of the day to run errands. When she would make direct eye contact with an adult and say "I'm homeschooled", it pretty much ended the conversation. Probably because it showed a well-rounded, well-spoken, smart, confident child.

Trust me, there are still days even during these middle school years that we have days that I'd like to not only put her on the bus, but drive her there myself and run away to Florida! It will be worth it to hang in there! Call me and I'll try to smother you with wisdom that's been given to me by those who schooled before me. A network of such people need to be schedule in to your days. It's a life saver.

And the real statement is not so much "oh, I could never", but "oh, I WOULD never". And that's ok. God Bless America.

Now put on your cape and get back to school! :)