Monday, October 22, 2012

Homeschool update

We are just about done our second month of school and I thought I'd give an update.  Lots of people ask me how school is going.  Vienna drew this picture for me today that sums it up pretty well:

I feel much more connected to my 7 year old daughter.  Her heart is softer and she isn't giving me attitude like she was last year.  We talk more and cuddle more.  And I overall simply enjoy being with my kids.

I sat down and asked both Vienna and Lance what they thought of school.
Me: "Ok kids, I want to ask you something.  What do you think of homeschooling?  Do you like it?"
Vienna:  "Yes, because I get to stay with you.  And I love seeing friends more I didn't get to see in public school."
Lance:  "Yes because it's fun doing math.  Mommy, I have something else..."
Me: "What?"
Lance:  "I love you."

I literally had a piece of paper and copied down their replies.  So cute!  I love that they LOVE being with me and I'm so grateful that I am taking advantage of this time together before they want to hang out with friends more than boring old mom.

Speaking of hanging out with friends.  Between soccer 2x/week, swim lessons, bible study, church, and playdates, our calendar is VERY full!  I admit I filled it more than I wanted to at the beginning of the school year to make sure they had time with friends.  But I need to be more purposeful about staying home and slowing down a little.  Gotta find a healthy balance and I'm still working on that part!

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Kathy said...

this is great Mary! Glad things are going well ... I think the busy schedule just comes as kids get older, we are finding the same thing this year and I don't feel like we have a lot of commitments or activities but we still seem to be on the run a lot.