Thursday, October 18, 2012

Camera talk

I really love taking pictures.  I have a great point and shoot that will be 4 years old this Christmas and has had a grain of sand stuck in the lens for maybe 2 years.  You can notice it in some photos depending on the light.  I **really** want a new camera and was thinking of getting an DSLR so I can have more control over the settings AND learn more about photography.

Back in 2010 I started taking pictures every day in a challenge called Project 365.  You can see some of my artsy fartsy pictures by clicking on the label "Project 365" over in the right column of my blog.  :o)  Photography.... capturing a moment, framing a scene, and learning camera settings has been an interest of mine for a long time.

I have researched DSLR cameras and Nikon and Canon are neck and neck.  Right now this is the camera I want: Nikon D5100. It's a great beginner's camera and has a swivel LCD screen that appeals to me.  I have been asking friends tons of questions and was all set to buy it but....

... I just don't have peace about it.  Jay has set up "guilt free" spending accounts for us and although I have called it my "kitchen fund" for ages now, I can use it for whatever I want.  So I have enough saved for a new camera BUT I just feel like I need to wait a bit longer.

There is no logical explanation for this.  With all the Autumn colors, I've been itching to just drive around with a great camera and take pics.  I reallllllly want to capture a sunset.  Here's a sunset that teased me through the trees at soccer practice on Tuesday night. I want to find a great landscape or body of water and capture the sun setting over that with all the brilliant Autumn colors glowing.  *sigh*

But I keep thinking I should wait in case a great deal comes up before Christmas.  Maybe I'll go out shopping on my first Black Friday!

I believe in the power of prayer and that we can take all requests to God.  He probably doesn't care what kind of camera I get but I do believe He can give me wisdom and peace when it comes to making decisions.  So with that... I am sitting tight, praying and waiting til it's CRYSTAL clear that the time is right.  


LauraBagg said...

Mary, I'm a Nikon girl myself. I've had the D40 DSLR for several years now and have taken lots of great pics with it. The 5100 is a huge step up. I've played with the Canons in the stores and just don't like the feel of them as much. I guess it's just personal taste.
I'm moving onto videos now and just bought the Panasonic GH2 which is an ILC camera (interchangeable lens cam) which is awesome for video. It took my awhile to pull the trigger too...I research too much I think!

Anyway, when you do decide to buy one I know you'll love the SLR!

Sunflowerakb's Yellow House said...

good for you for listening and waiting for the right time!

Nikki Brewer said...

i do 365 too!! love your blog!