Friday, September 14, 2012

What is Pinterest?

First I was on Geocities, then babiesonline, then MSN, Myspace, Facebook, blogger and now Pinterest!  It is another site that is becoming part of everyday language.  But there are many people who still don't know what it is.  I had a friend recently ask me about it.  So I thought I'd do a public service announcement and tell ya!  :o)

Basically it's an online bulletin board.
First you create a profile/account.
Then as you surf the net, you can "pin" (save) photos onto your own "boards" (like folders).  So it's basically like bookmarking or adding webpages to your favorites but instead of text, it's photos!  
Here is my Recipe Board.  Aren't the little descriptions under each photo great?  You can edit these when you pin!

Click to enlarge

You can also browse through everyone else's pins on Pinterest.  You can do this by category (recipies, DIY crafts, fashion, etc).  Or you can link to friends and "follow" their boards.
You can "like" and comment on their pins just like Facebook so there is a social element to it as well if you wanted to do that.

Pinning someone else's pin is called "repinning".  

You don't have to follow all the boards for one person.  For example, I have one friend who makes cards so I follow her card board but she also quilts so I don't follow that one.
Here is a screen shot of all my boards:
Click to enlarge

Clicking on a photo will take you to the original webpage!  (like a bookmark)

It's sooooo nice organizing my great online finds like this.

I mostly use Pinterest as a place to bookmark stuff.  On a PC you can download a little icon that goes on your toolbar.  You just click on that when you want to pin a website.  When I was looking for birthday party ideas I created a board called "Rocket Party" and pinned everything I found online there for reference. 

Pinterest is getting so big now that you can search within the site for ideas too.  I did that for Autumn craft ideas.

So that's the gist of it!  Hope I cleared it up for some!
Thanks for swinging by!


Wonderwoman said...

Can you email me a link to your pins so I can follow?

Barbara said...

I love how simple you made it! Thanks.