Monday, September 3, 2012

Signing up for Good Morning Girls

I am about to start my third bible study with the Good Morning Girls!  It's a free online bible study.  It's called Good Morning Girls because you form (or find) a group to join as a way to hold each other accountable.  My group connects on a private facebook group.  Since starting this format of bible study, it is the first time I have read my bible so consistently.  The girls in my group have taught me much and I enjoy chatting with them about spiritual stuff as we journey along together in the faith. :o)

This time around we are studying Colossians.  The GMG creators/leaders have asked participants to sign up to receive their blog updates to keep that feeling of unity, and so girls don't miss out on anything.  There has been some confusion so I wanted to clarify it here.

On the Good Morning Girls website, click on subscribe at the top of the page.

That will bring you to this page:

I circled where you sign up to receive their emails but if you use an online reader, just above that is where you can sign up to receive it that way.  

New this year, GMG had a sign up form (pic below).  This form was for them to get a head count of girls and this form is not where you sign up to receive the emails.  I think that is where there is confusion.

I know it's a few steps but once it's done, you'll receive all the GMG posts as they are published and when they are sent to you, you don't have to remember to check their website.  Also once you subscribe and start receiving their emails, the printable materials for the study are available thru a link found in each and every post/email received thru email and a reader.

I hope this helps and if you have any specific questions for me about the format or the study, feel free to let me know!

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