Monday, September 3, 2012

Revive your marriage

Two of my favorite bloggers are hooking up to do a little series on reviving your marriage.

I read Courtney and Sheila's blogs and LOVE THEM.
Courtney is the co-creator of Good Morning Girls, a bible study I do and also writes on all different topics on her blog Women Living Well.
And Sheila has a great blog called To Love Honor and Vacuum and is a fabulous writer.  Both Jay and I love how she writes.  I seriously want to be her BFF and not just because she's Canadian like me!

I don't know the other two bloggers but peeked at their sites last night and holy smokes... what a team!

Today they are talking about praying for our husbands.  I definitely need to be better in this area.  I like the idea of praying for Jay whenever I look at my wedding ring.

Courtney suggests using another symbol too so I chose airplanes and helicopters.  Since Jay is a pilot, whenever aircraft fly overhead, I will be reminded to say a little prayer for him.  There are so many areas we can pray for our husbands.  Their safety, health, finances, decision making, work, relationships, our relationship with them, etc.  I like the idea of a symbol to prompt prayer since we can't pray for them too much!

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