Monday, September 10, 2012

New haircut

I blogged the other day about my bad haircut.  Click here if you missed it.

Thanks for the input!  I really tried to work with it but I just didn't like the cut. So today someone who has cut my hair before fixed it for me.  Remember.. I was was impulsive and walked in to a salon that didn't require an appointment.  I have learned my lesson and will never do it again!

My hair is fine and can handle a wash and go look. In this photo on the bottom, I didn't even blow dry it!    I took the hair straighter to the ends and that was it!  Seeeeee how the ends fall?  A good cut can form the hair!  It kinda looks one length but isn't. That's what I wanted!!!

It's safe to say that I now have a stylist who I will never betray again and am super happy after years of searching!  Some things are worth waiting for and a haircut appointment is one of them!  (Along with a certain talented chick!!  :o)