Monday, September 24, 2012

Marriage Monday

Life gets busy.  Kids are demanding.  Housework is never ending so honestly, these Monday posts are so nice.  It's great to just reflect on my marriage and my man.

I read all four blogs and this week Darlene at Time-Warp Wife spoke to me most of all. She wrote about nagging and used a great analogy of a leaky roof to give a good picture of how it builds up over time.  Then she went on to outline 5 great reasons to praise your man.  The one that I really love is the fact that he'll want to come home.  (BUT I still would encourage you to click over and read her whole post.  It's not that long and packed with practical advice.)

I want my home to be a safe place from the world.  A place to be refreshed and recharged.  A place filled with love not conflict.  So I reallllllly try to not nag.  We have very traditional roles because it works for our family.  He works and pays the bills.  I take care of the house and all that's in it.  I do not expect him to help me with dishes, laundry, or housework so there is no room for criticizing him for not.  And when he does help pick up, it's because he genuinely wants to help me and lighten my load.  

So it's easy for me to think of ways to praise my man.  Sure I could say the typical stuff... He's hot, funny, great company, good kisser, intelligent, hot, loves God, hot.  haha!  But I thought I'd pick 5 things I don't think I tell him enough.
1.  He doesn't nag me or criticize how I spend my days or care for our home.
2.  He asks me every single day before coming home if I need anything.  He's willing to stop and get milk or even many items.  He never ever ever complains about the long day he just worked.
3.  He takes care of the finances.  I greatly appreciate this because although he is the bigger spender of the two of us, he is wise with money and I respect him greatly in this area.
4.  He enjoys having people over.  Not that we do this nearly enough but I love that he'll randomly suggest we have someone over for supper.
5.  He loves God.  And he's willing to grow and make changes to be better for Him.
6.  He's hot.

On that note, it's time to tell my man what I think of him.  :o)

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Wonderwoman said...

You are too cute with the number 6 part of your list! It's wonderful to see a wife that loves her husband as much as you clearly do.