Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Homeschooling week 1

So far so good!

The kids have been doing great with homeschooling.  We had one day of not so perky attitudes but a little bribery for computer time goes a long way!  (I am not above bribing my children!  haha!)

Vienna (gr.2) is so smart and finds some of the work boring.  But I heard that's how review at the beginning of the year often goes.  I'm challenging her with some new things and just received the books in the mail from Amazon.  (Specifically vocabulary and cursive writing.) Yay!

My Lance (gr.K) is doing well but he really struggles holding a pencil properly.  And when he does, it looks so uncomfortable.  Besides using a pencil and paper, I'm having him use a dry erase board to mix it up.  I have practice sheets printed out that I slip into page protectors and we use dry erase on those too.  (Love the blog Confessions of a Homeschooler for her free printables!)  Today we're going to practice letter formation is a pan of rice.  He knows his letters and sounds and can even read but creating them is altogether different.

To help with his fine motor skills I gave him a simple activity yesterday.  In the picture below, he is using my Pampered Chef toaster tongs and moving little foam blocks to a sheet.  The sheet has little numbered squares I drew.  Came up with that one on my own and he did well with it. :o)  

What I love about homeschooling so far are the conversations, the quality time and also having the ability to change up the curriculum to each child's strengths and weaknesses.  I'm really happy with the way things are going so far!  Just must learn to manage time better.  It's hard to teach two at the same time!  


Lisa -The Domestic Life Stylist said...

Hey Mary! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to see that everytyhing is going well so far with homeschooling. You seem to be a natural already.

merlin said...

Manipulating playdoh is a great finger strengthening activity, crayons are better than markers on paper because they create more resistance, therefore better strength. You children are blessed to have you willing to be their academic teacher.