Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hey ya good lookin'

Something is happening to me!
I never liked cooking.  I always had to follow recipes for successful meals (unless it was simple meat & potatoes).  But lately, I have put together meals that are tasty and recipe free!??  I thought I'd share because I know I am always looking for supper ideas.  (And ones that aren't cheesy or made with cream of something soup.  I have a dairy sensitive boy.)

Let me just say that I don't eat healthy 100% of the time or even 80% of the time but I am working on nourishing my family with healthy food rather than just eating to feel full.  I actually LIKE finding new meal ideas for us that aren't just reheating (my usual cooking technique of choice).

Here is exhibit A:
We were at the grocery store and scallops were on sale.  So I bought them.  I peeked at a recipe online real fast to see the cooking time and ta da!  I did it!  I also broiled asparagus in olive oil & garlic in the oven while Jay sliced an eggplant, brushed olive oil on it and grilled it.  I had leftover roasted sweet potatoes from the night before and cut cucumber to go with it.  That was our meal and oh so good!  Just wish the pic was better!  (And yes that is a wine glass in the upper corner.  I thoroughly enjoyed this meal!)

Exhibit B:
I really didn't feel like cooking on this night but I figure this is better than a McDs drive thru meal.  Flax seed chips which are amazing.  Chicken sausage come in many flavors and I love red pepper. I cut them in half and cooked them on my George Forman grill in 7min.  I sliced some cucumber and sprinkled sunflower seeds on them.  I served OJ with it.  May not have been the best drink to go with this food but I had a craving.  haha!  Easy meal that took 10min.

Exhibit C:
Tonight I used leftover rotisserie chicken (that we used on loaded nachos the other night).  I added sliced yellow peppers, a can of diced tomatoes, a can of black beans and a package of chili seasoning.  I made rice too so we could have chili wraps.  (I had leftover cheddar cheese and sour cream also from nacho night.)

So there you have it.  A little look at some of the meals we've had recently that are delicious and outta my head.  (This is not something I was good at before so if you are thinking this is simple and silly, it's has been a journey for me!!  I was never able to open the cupboards and fridge and think how my leftovers and pantry items could go together.)

Whatcha got cookin?

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