Friday, September 7, 2012

Bad hair cut

Once upon a time I had long split hair.  I wore it up in a ponytail alllll summer so it was damaged!  Clearly, I was overdue for a new cut!

I searched online and found two amazingly cute looks.  
I love the one length look and the choppy ends.  
I wanted to go shorter for the Fall.  
I wanted to wash my hair, add some pomade and go!

I trusted a local walk in place that didn't require appointments.  They cut my kids hair and do a great job on my boys.  The girls are all trendy and cute looking - yes I judge.  So no fear.  They can do this.  
I showed the girl the pics above.  She even said: "Oh we see that one a lot." (about the bottom pic).  She seemed to understand what I wanted and cut away.  I felt confident.

Then I left with this!  

Not what I wanted!  Ugh!  It's like a mushroom!  Although it feels great!  Love how light and airy it is but every time I look in the mirror I HATE IT!
I specifically told her I liked the all one length look and the jiggy jaggy messy edges.  I clearly have a big chunk layer.

I dyed it auburn too.  I wanted a fun fresh "edgy" fall look.  The color doesn't work with the cut at.all.  I have to really work the hair straightener to get the ends to go under because I don't like that flipped out look!  But even when I style it under, there is always a piece that insists on flipping the other way.  Drives me nuts!

I am not willing to go back to have them fix this.
I don't have much length left to work with.
Anyone have any thoughts on what I should do?  I really don't want to go shorter.

Today I wore it up in a ponytail again.  *sigh*


merlin said...

Dear Mary,
It is cute, fun and looks good. Relax. Now, if I am wrong and everybody comes up to you asking what on earth you have done, which they won't, then think about a change, but until that happens try to wear it like you love it, because it looks fresh and updated. Ha! You are so Canadian :)

Kimberly said...

Mary, as a person who has had many disasterous hair situations here is some advice:
1) It never comes out like the picture
2) There is no such thing as a STYLE where you wash, put some goop in, and go
3) Some of the issue was my (lack of) styling skills and just getting used to a drastic change
4) NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, GO TO A CHAIN HAIR SALON FOR A DRASTIC CHANGE! Know why everyone there is young and hip? Cuz they haven't been out of school super long...

More on how I've handled it later, just want to make sure this posts first!

Kimberly said...

Some suggestions, because I've been there:

Go back with your hair done the best you can and say 'please show me how to style this because I can't seem to' That way the stylist isn't put on the offensive and may also see some things she could have cut better...I have found that sometimes they don't take your specific hair into mind when cutting. And when she is done you could say 'well, this area here bothers me because...and try to problem solve it together. You should NOT be charged for this, but if you want to make sure call and talk to the manager first, saying you are not happy with the style and what is their policy?

Wear it in a ponytail (or smooshed under a baseball hat or put the sides up or bobby pin the heck out of it) until it grows a bit and you get more comfortable with working with it. My hair usually freaks when the scissors are first taken to it, especially if I haven't had a cut in a very long time. In fact, when I get it cut above the shoulders, it actually stabs me in the neck when I lie down for the first 5 days or so. Yeah, it's thick.

Chill. It usually takes me 2 weeks to get used to any new cut. Sometimes trying to brush it smooth or back from your face is not the best idea, it may only show the chunky layers more. Try different things: scrunch, twist around your fingers, flip your head over and shake the whole darn thing out, pull the bangs down and across your forehead, or make the bangs go the other way (might require a bobby pin).

I dunno, I.think I have done all of these at 1 point. It's an awful feeling to have a cut you don't like and feel like you look bad all the time. If all else fails you could go shorter and do a cute more one length short bob, or leave it the way it is and experiment with the flippy out ends (would eliminate mushroom shape you speak of). Think "open mind" - you already don't like whatcha got and it will always grow back!