Saturday, September 29, 2012

A rare date!

On Sept 17th, I wrote about friendship as part of the marriage series I'm doing with other bloggers.  The challenge that week was to do something with your husband.  Well my man was away last weekend and we finally got out ALONE together today!  It just so happened to fall the day after our dating anniversary.  16 years together!!
Dec.1996 - young pups
We don't get OUT a lot together without the kids.  I remember in 2008 we went to the movies and after paying for our tickets, popcorn and then the sitter, it was an $80 night.  That is just not something we can do regularly!  I was talking with a friend who felt the same way so I proposed something.

Let's just take turns watching each other kids for FREE!  She was game!

So that's what we did.  Last night I babysat for her.  (Jay stayed home with our kids.) I arrived with a book in my purse and after the kids went to bed I spent a nice quiet evening reading.  It was actually rather relaxing!  Took me back to my days babysitting as a teen!  (And just a side note, it was nice spending time with my friend's kids too.  They are great and I enjoyed that quality time with them too.)

This afternoon was our turn!!  Jay and I dropped the kids off at her house because Lance had soccer and she lives nearby.  It was even better for us because there was a certain satisfaction knowing we were out while the kids were awake!  haha!

We went out for lunch.  It was glorious.  I might have whispered: "Not near kids." when the host tried to put us at a table near a family.  haha... When we were seated I explained I didn't get out much and this was a rare date.  He told the manager and we got a free appetizer!  OH YEAH!
No kids.  No crayons. No needing to entertain youngins while waiting for food.  No chicken nuggets.  Free appetizer.  Great company.  Purrr.... great meal!

Afterwards we decided to go shopping at the "boring" stores that I avoid like the plague with kids in tow.    We shopped together and even stopped for coffee and dessert before heading back to get the kids.

The afternoon was productive for our friendship.  We enjoy each other's company and 4 hours went by far too quickly!  It was really nice to just hang out and not be stressed out about the time and how much we owed a sitter.  I love this arrangement and grateful for a good friend willing to help us out!

{Thanks Andrea!!!  :o) }


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

awesome!! :)

Kathy said...

I love this idea! I have a friend who does this with another couple too - they do every Friday night, so one week they are watching all the kids, the next week they are going out for a date. Pretty neat! And I agree, time like that is SO good for our marriages!

Wonderwoman said...

Oh, so happy for you to get an afternoon with your husband. Great idea to barter babysitting service with your friend!