Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Mother's Love

A Mother's Love by Mary Newman

A mother’s love isn’t measured
By the number of trips to the zoo.
It’s not measured by anything you do.
It doesn’t matter if they’re in ballet or soccer or baseball.
It doesn’t matter how much they’ve been exposed to it all.
Doesn’t matter if they wear hand me downs or brand names.
It doesn’t matter if you planned themed birthday parties and games.
It’s not measured by fancy packed lunches.
It doesn’t matter if you go away on vacation bunches.

A mother’s love is measured by the way you make them feel.
The pause you take when you look in your child’s eyes and your interest in them is real.
It’s measured by the encouragement you give when they say they aren’t good at something.
It’s measured by the warmth of a hug and safety knowing they can run to you for anything.
It’s measured by knowing you answer them and not brush them off with a nod of the head.
It’s measured by laughter in the home and giggles before bed.
It’s measured by the safety a child feels recharging at home before facing the world again.
It’s measured by tone of voice.  By smiles.  By touch.  By words of affection.

Don’t be fooled and don’t compare because other moms seem better.
Only you can give your child what they can get from no other.
Stop.  Pause.  Enjoy them before they grow and they grow fast!
These simple years, these simple joys, simply will not last.


Richetta Blackmon said...

Awesome. I lost my mother this March and there is nothing like a mother's love. Thanks for sharing.

Love, Grace said...

That's beautiful, Mary! And so true!

Mary said...

Richetta.. I'm sorry for your loss. It's nice that you look back so fondly of your Momma! I bet you remember how she made you feel more than what you did right? This is what I want to work on!

Steph said...

Excellent, Mary! You've said so much so well. A real thought provoker for all parents and grand-parents.
Thanks for sharing.