Friday, August 17, 2012

Running update

In January of this year I got off my butt and started exercising.  I couldn't run more than a minute or two at a time so built my endurance using the Couch Potato to 5K program, which I highly recommend!!!  My friend encouraged me to sign up for a 5K race and I ran my first one in March.  I blogged about it here.  Finally a goal reached!  It was awesome!

I learned that I need to constantly set new goals to stay motivated so I ran another race in May and another in July, with a friend who also did the C2K5 program.

I keep my bib numbers with photos of my friends near my treadmill.  It motivates me and reminds me of what I have accomplished.

It wasn't long ago that I started and stopped this journey a few times.  I'm 35 years old and this is the first time I ever worked out consistently.  I love it!  I love not having guilt about NOT doing it!  I have lost inches and feel stronger and healthier.

I might be getting addicted to the sweat!  I don't push to feel burn - I don't like that feel.  But I like sweat because it's rather cleansing for some reason!  Beads of sweat make me feel accomplished!  I also have tolerated the summer humidity much better this year.  I'm used to sweating and it isn't uncomfortable anymore.

I haven't signed up for any more races but hope to find one in September.  I ran my last race in over 31 minutes so I'm convinced I can shave more time off and get in under 30!  My new goal!  And then I plan to run the first 5K I did again in March.  So that'll keep me running til then.

On another note, I've added zumba to my exercise program to strengthen my core which has been a goal for some time too.  I loving dancing but I am in the awkward learning phase right now.  Glad to have DVDs and the privacy of my basement!!!

Also I track all my workouts at the Daily Mile website.  Easy tracking!

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Kathy said...

You're doing awesome and I feel so blessed to be in the pics by your treadmill! =)