Thursday, August 30, 2012

Homeschooling commenced!

Yesterday was day 1 of our new homeschooling journey.  It was sooooo nice to not have to rush out the door at 8am for the bus!  My sweet girl announced to me that she was happy to be home with me rather than going to public school.  I know this may not always be the sentiment so I enjoyed it and am grateful for this opportunity.  (We are taking it year by year with our children so they very well may be back in public school before I know it!)

Here is my excited 7 year old before starting school yesterday:


And our 5 year old:

We brainstormed school names and my vote was for Newmanian Elementary but they preferred Monkey Elementary.  They won:

I have many kinks to iron out.  Lance gets through his work VERY quickly so even with extras I had prepared, he still kept interrupting Vienna and me.  I wanted their school time to be at the same time, while Colin napped but today I worked with Vienna in the morning while the boys played together.  Then I gave Vienna extra in the afternoon while Lance and I worked.  We often have plans in the morning so I don't think I can do this every day.  I just have to take each day as it comes and tweak as I need to.

I see the pictures of people's kids going off to school and am a touch sad that the kids aren't going to public school because Vienna had a great experience in kindergarten and grade 1.  But so far the quality time we've had together has been wonderful.  There is an unusual sense of connectedness in the house right now.  Pretty soon our schedule will pick up with swim class, soccer, AWANA youth group, cheerleading, my bible study, moms groups, playdates, etc so I am super excited that we get this one on one time together.

I am super grateful for the homeschooling friends I have.  I have been bombarding them with questions!!!  
If anyone has any great homeschooling resources to share with me I'd appreciate it!
I'm currently looking for websites with free printables, and apps for math and spelling.  Thanks for any help!


Kathy said...

yay! So glad things are going so well for you! One thing I loved most about our HS years was since the kids are so little you can really tailor things to them ... things like giving them a little more sleeping time if you know their bodies are tired, or stopping to take a break when you know they're frustrated ... those are all GREAT things about HSing young kids! =)

In Light of the Truth... said...

Home Educating Family is the magazine I do articles for and they are on Facebook. Daily people ask their questions and feedback is immediate. So I'd definitely recommend "liking" them there. It's a great resource about apps, or homeschooling special needs kids, learning struggles, or ANYTHING really!

Emily said... is a good source too for free printables. I still do that with my kids on the weekends when we have extra time, as well as during the week.