Saturday, August 25, 2012

Getting rid of fruit flies

We just got back from a little vacation in NH.  We rented a condo to make life easier for us.  It was a great place but there were tons of those little fruit flies or no see ums... or whatever they're called.  I did a trick I learned awhile ago to help get rid of them.  I put a small plate out with a little apple cider vinegar on it.  I added a couple drops of dish soap and voila.  They flocked to the vinegar and drowned.

Another option is waving your vacuum hose around like a mad woman.  But I won't admit to doing  that.
Apple cider vinegar.
A must have for every pantry.
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Anonymous said...

Better yet.....get one of those hand held bug zappers at Ocean State Job Lot ($5). They look like a tennis racket. Soooo much fun to zap those little suckers! :D