Sunday, August 19, 2012

Getting ready to homeschool

School is starting soon so that means I need to finish getting ready!   I am currently reading through the teacher guides and making our lesson plans.  For CURRICULUM, I chose Learning Literature Through Language Arts and Horizons math for my core subjects.
My kids are in kindergarten and grade 2 so I am approaching science, history and geography in a very laid back manner.  As the kids are interested in things, we'll go to the library and read books then I can look online for simple project ideas to go along with that.  If the kids need it, I can introduce a formal curriculum in January.  I wanted to start off slow to get my feet wet.

The kids are doing swim lessons again this Fall.  Lance is doing soccer.  Vienna will do cheerleading when that starts.  (There's our Phys Ed.) And they are doing a youth program called AWANA this year too.  We have plenty of activities to keep us busy!  With that said, I am so glad we chose to homeschool this year!
I am super excited to have this time with the kids!  I might have had a little fun getting ready for our new life.... here are some teaching aids along with their personalized pencil cases which I bought years ago.

I hope to do our schoolwork during the afternoon when Colin naps.  Many homeschool families say kids are more focused in the morning so we'll have to see how that all works out.  I'm really trying to stay open minded about the whole thing!  Plus we have my bible study one day and swim another.  That's two mornings we're out right there!  For now, the afternoons seem to make the most sense.

I decided we'd follow the local public school's schedule.  That way I get the 180 days of teaching in and the kids are off when their public school friends are off.  So that means our first day will be Wed, Aug.29th!  :o)

I bought the kids a bunch of school supplies and will make up little first day of school gifts for them.  I plan to add scissors, tape and glue to the mix but I didn't gather everything for this quick photo.

We are using the dining room to work so I wanted supplies that are for school only kept in there.  I still plan to take first day of school pics even though they won't be at the bus stop.

I'm excited for this new phase of life!


Linda said...

I hope you will enjoy homeschooling as much as we do, we are going strong after 5.5 years. I'm doing my final prep tonight, we start in the morning. My daughter is using Time4Learning like she has in the past, but we are adding Spanish, music and art. As for kids being more focused in the morning...that only works if they are morning people. My daughter is much more focused in the afternoons. Enjoy and happy homeschooling!

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

yes, definitely take first day of school pics! it's a milestone for your whole family - you should be in the photo, too! :)