Monday, August 27, 2012

Dishes old school

I stopped using my dishwasher about two weeks ago and I am LESS stressed out about cleaning my kitchen.  Granted, if I have a huge mess, I'll probably use my convenient appliance.  But here's the scoop:

I don't have to think about what goes in and what I need to wash by hand.
I don't have to handle dishes as much to load/unload/transfer to drying rack.
I always have things clean that I need.
I don't have dirty dishes piling up because I need to empty out the dishwasher.
It's really fast to just clean up after each meal.

How I miss a sink with two sides so I just use a narrow plastic container.  Takes no time at all to wipes off the dishes in hot soapy water, rinse and let drip dry.  I use dishcloths and change them daily.  I don't like sponges because of the potential bacteria.

Seriously, if dishes stress you out, I recommend this.  If you are someone who never had issues with dishes, well I confess... I am the girl who hid dishes under her sink when company came over.  haha!

My husband even noticed how much cleaner I've been keeping the kitchen.  Points for me!
So had to share!


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

i love you but you are crazy! my dishwasher is WELL loved!!! :)

Heather said...

The only reason dishes stress me out is because I hate washing them by hand lol!

merlin said...

I never had a dishwasher until long after I was married. I didn't even want it, my husband did. I miss the calm that hand washing brings, the sense of community when sharing the chore, the wind down after a meal standing at the sink, you are not alone in this. I think hand washing dishes is a lost art and our society is worse off for that.

Steph said...

Well said, Merlin, not to mention the therapeutic benefit of relaxing ones hands.