Thursday, July 26, 2012

Playroom in progress

Til this week, my kids each had their own room.  Each room contained all their various toys.  We had a boy room, a girl room and a toddler room.  Great to have 3 zones with different toys.  BUT!  That's three rooms to keep clean.  3 disaster zones.  It was time for a change!
Presenting... the PLAYROOM!
Vienna and Lance are sharing a room with bunk beds until next year when Colin outgrows his crib.  Then we'll put the boys in together and give Vienna, our only daughter her own space.  

The photo above is shows most of the room with Lance's toys in the corner.  Below is the room when looking to the right... It's Colin's Corner... all the preschool toys over here.

Vienna's bed is still in the room so we have to either get a daybed frame for it or some big pillows to make it a cozy reading spot.  Vienna has most of her girly toys over on this side of the room.  

The walls are still bare because step 1... go to IKEA.  I might have been a touch excited to be there.

 Step 2: Cut up an old calendar and put in frames.  I'm going for happy bright colors!

Step 3: Put on wall!  I have to purchase some hardware for mounting pics and the new ledge shelf I bought but I'm super excited to see it all together.  Maybe when I'm done I'll do a 360 degree video and show the whole space.  For now, that is what I'm doing to be productive!  Minimize clutter and maximize toy organization!

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In Light of the Truth... said...

Love the cutting up of the calendar idea! Can't wait to see it all when it's done!