Monday, July 16, 2012

The perfect imperfect gift

My 7 year old daughter gave me an Easter egg and said there was a gift inside for me.  I opened it and found a folded drawing of our family.  She's quite the artist and I love her work!  I immediately noticed the soccer ball by my head and Lance kicking it.  She is so funny.  The little stick leg cracks me up.  Who needs knees when you're a child's drawing?  haha.. 

She told me that she drew the soccer ball because initially it was my head and it was bigger than her Dad's so she had to fix her mistake.  What is profound about this simple child's drawing is that gratefully, my daughter has not inherited my perfectionist streak.  I would have thrown the paper away and started over.  And if I spent time drawing a picture, I certainly wouldn't fold it a million times and get it all wrinkly and damaged.
But her imperfect gift, teaches me much about her character and a character trait I lack.  To make lemonade out of lemons.  To not toss them out because they're too sour.  She is creative and simple and loving and has much to teach me about life.  

I am grateful to God for the chance to raise children.  They sure teach you lots!