Sunday, July 29, 2012

Organized dining room

My dining room was hurting!  We had a cluttered catch all area that was in desperate need of help.  We have plans to knock down a wall between the kitchen and dining room soon so I had to get this space looking better.  Plus the kids will be doing their homeschooling in this space.

Ugh!  That bookshelf found it's way in there when we didn't need it in the living room.  The cabinet in the corner has all my candles in it.  I still have to find it a new home.


So much better!!  I got this shelf at IKEA.  It'll make a great space to put food too when we have company too.

The bowl on the top holds cloth napkins.
The 3 decorative stacked hat boxes on the top hold art supplies & play doh stuff.
I splurged at IKEA and bought their bins because they fit perfectly into the cubbies.  I love these light bins and got the matching magazine holders and a smaller bin for Vienna's hair do dads.  We do most of these things in this room so why not hide them in pretty boxes!  Since I haven't put the pretty handles on yet, here is a pic:
It's hard to see the darker bins in the photo above so here is a close up.  I'm going to keep the kids homeschool things in this bins so they can each pull them out and just put them on a chair besides them when they do their work.

And again... my happy tidy new space!

It definitely looks more organized now!  


Robyn MacGowan said...

Looks very nice!

Sunflowerakb's Yellow House said...

nice! IKEA is great for organizing stuff!

Tracey said...

Bwahahaha! I just bought the same shelf at IKEA just in birch. I'm using it for craft stuff though. All my stamps are hiding away in bins and my books magazines and Big Shot dies are neatly on the shelf. :) Looks great! Make sure to document your remodel!