Tuesday, July 3, 2012

No Disney World

A few weeks ago I asked my friends on Facebook for advice on places to stay in Disney.  Jay and I had always talked about taking the kids when they were 8, 6 & 3.  That'd be next year so it was time to book our hotel and go from there.  Well after much discussion, we have decided to NOT take our kids to Disney World.
We plain out asked them... would you rather go to Disney or do many local trips spread out over time (NYC, Bronx Zoo, Boston, Six Flags, indoor water parks, etc.) and get a swimming pool?  They wanted many trips and a pool.  I was shocked.  With all the magical hoopla didn't they NEED Disney?  I never went as a kid and wanted to go.  Plus I had it in my head that we HAD to take our kids to Disney to make their childhood complete.  Where do we get these ideas?  In reality I didn't want to deal with the crowds or wait in lines and have that overwhelming sense of "get my money's worth".  One friend's description made Disney sound like a big stress...  Parents snapping at each other on the Tram and all thru the park.  Newly potty trained kids peeing on rides (would be our situation).  Nevermind crazy overtired kids.  Umm.... plan B please!

Just this week I read this article (by Kat) and she really put into words what was in my heart:
Kids need attention more than entertainment.  And we can give that locally!  She even references Disney in her post!

"It doesn't need to be fancy, it just needs to be together."
Photo from Photobucket
And we can have fun together not stressing about the expense of a big Disney trip.  Because honestly, we are a single income family and try to be wise with our spending.  And going to Disney and living it up the way we truly would want to, is just beyond our budget.

I love this quote from Kat's post too because I was just talking to a friend about our decision and she said she went to Disney as a kid but doesn't remember it.  Well then this is yet another point to give me peace about our decision.

"Our children won't remember what we did for them, but they'll remember how we made them feel." - unknown


In Light of the Truth... said...

I really have no desire to go to Disney! I can not STAND big crowds so the thought overwhelms me, and we're not even big Disney watchers in the first place! Proud of you for following your kids' words instead of pushing to change their minds. May you enjoy all the little moments and memories that make up life!

Kathy said...

I think you are a very wise parent! Some of our best vacations have been floating on tubes in rivers in NH {FOR FREE} ... we have done Disney and cruises and cheap vacations and everything in between and our faves are always the simple fun and time spent together ... less lines, less impatience, less aggravation is ALWAYS the best way to go! =)

Anonymous said...

If you like stand up comedy at all, Jim Gaffigan has a very funny bit on taking his children to Disney in "Mr. Universe". From his point of view, I think you made a very wise choice! You'll have many great memories on the small trips & lots of fun in your pool! :) xo Leah