Friday, July 27, 2012

50 Shades of Trash

I don't think it'd be too acceptable (at least not yet) to see the facebook status:  "Hey that p0rno I watched last night was awesome."
There is something distasteful about actually saying that out loud.  But women have been talking about certain books with no shame at all.  I can't go a day without seeing reference to "50 Shades of Grey" lately.  So I thought I'd post my opinion.  Cause honestly I feel like it's rather different from my friends/family who are talking about it on Facebook.

I couldn't have said it better...
"Fifty Shades of Grey may be a passing fad, but it’s a DANGEROUS passing fad. It’s making sex into something that’s about control, not intimacy; into something that’s about fantasy, not reality; and into something that’s about pushing the limits, not pushing love. Does it arouse people? Sure. Does it help intimacy and improve your marriage? No. People may be having more sex, but they’re not getting more intimacy. And in the end that leaves you empty." - Sheila Gregoire
For the full post read here.

I don't want p0rn entering my marriage in any form.  No movies.  No novels.  Nothing.  Even though at first glance it could be something "fun".  I love how Sheila Gregoire's wrote it here: "Why 50 Shades of Grey is bad for your marriage".

It's er0tica!  And if you aren't a person of faith and think I should lighten up, then take a read of this review from someone who writes for Forbes magazine and doesn't mention God at all.  Cause honestly I haven't always thought this way and I know what some of you are thinking!  I like the question she asks: "Do middle-aged women, the main audience for this book, really view the threat of violence as an aphrodisiac?"

My "to read" list is long and I don't want to waste my time on trash.  I'm writing this post as caution to those who haven't picked it up.  Just because "everyone is reading it" doesn't mean you have to too.  Hold your standards higher than that.  And if you want to know what the buzz is about, wikipedia sums it up anyway.


In Light of the Truth... said...

Man, I've seen so many anti-50 Shades of Grey posts, it's ridiculous! I originally had it on my to-read list for some reason, but I totally had no idea what it was about! Glad I didn't get it!

Sunflowerakb's Yellow House said...

thanks for the warning. I've seen others mentioning it and I will avoid it. I checked out both the Forbes & Wiki articles and read enough to know I can skip this book.