Friday, June 8, 2012

Weekly Schedule

EDIT:  This schedule is an outline and in no way followed to the minute.  Sometimes the kids go to bed later if things come up.  BUT it does keep things in order and gives me focus on what needs to get done.  Also when I tell the kids it's 6:15 and clean up time, they have a better time obeying the clock because it's not necessarily bossy Mom telling them what to do.  I have been doing an evening schedule for quite some time.  Click HERE for that.  It really works well so I am confident in this new weekly schedule.
Original post:

I am by nature a VERY organized person.  I don't ever remembering my Mom yelling at me to clean my room.  I kept things in order for as long as I can remember.

Then I had kids.

Seriously!  How many people have said that!  There is ALWAYS more to be done now.  I do laundry and a full load arrives in the hamper by nightfall.  I do the dishes and then we eat again.  I can NEVER get ahead.  But even with all that needs to be done, quite honestly I'm far too lazy for a schedule.  I do what I want, when I want and clean when I see something dirty.  Big deal.  No stress.  It works.  

Well I thought it worked...  
The problem is that our lives are getting busier.  And the people living in my home are getting larger and things just get dirtier faster.  Plus I'm putting more and more on the back burner as I prioritize other things.  

A friend of mine told me about an organizing system called Managers of Their Home.  Another friend also used it for years so she came over this week to talk about it.  I don't think I'm going to follow their plan but it got me thinking how much I need GOALS.  Just like with working out (which I have continued to do for the past 6 months where I needed a 5K race as a goal), I need cleaning GOALS.  This I can do!

I present to you, inspired by Managers of Their Home but a free template in Word, our new (not yet finished) schedule:

Click to enlarge
I just put it up this week so am in the testing stage so bare with me!
I plugged in stuff that ALWAYS MUST GET DONE - meals, nap, bedtime, etc.
There is still plenty of time NOT scheduled.  Great for lazy, sporadic me.
But I had to plug in various household chores that must get done and spread them over the week.  And I had to think about time of day.  ie. I can't vacuum when Colin naps.  Also my kids play best in the morning and I'm up early so why not get stuff done right away!  (And yes I leave my dishes overnight. I should change that but for now, I am working with what I do.  Trying to set realistic goals.)

I really want a system in place before we add homeschooling to the mix.
And for the summer I like how I have mornings FREE to get together with friends and go out and about.

Click to enlarge
When making this, I thought about little things like bath night.  The kids need to bath more regularly especially one in particular who is getting older.  I need to schedule a night to make cards.  I need to schedule working out. And of course, can't forget date night!  We have two nights a week that we know we can catch up and reconnect because sometimes life gets so busy even that gets overlooked.
Click to enlarge
It's amazing how much I can accomplish with this.  And what I'm looking forward to most, like when I started working out, is that I won't have to feel guilty for NOT doing what I know I should be doing.

If anyone wants a copy of this template, it's in Word.  If your computer doesn't have it, let me know and I can email it to you.

Thanks for swinging by!


Angela said...

Thanks Mary for sharing this with the GMG leaders!!! It's wonderful!! :) We'll be covering home organization in week 10 so make sure and post a link to your blog post again so everyone can see and download it!!! Great job! :)

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

this is super impressive!

edurne said...

Hi! I´m coming from GMG Leadership group! Just loved your schedule!! It will help me(a lot) to get more organized!! Thank you for sharing it!! Would you mind if I shared it in Spanish?

Gina said...

Just got to your blog from the GMG Leadership group. I love your schedule and will follow your example! Thank you! And I can't wait to poke around on your site a bit.

Mary said...

I have the blank one saved in the files section of the GMG leaders group. Feel free to edit that to Spanish. Glad you like it!

Emily said...

I am actually planning this! I need to be more organized and make sure all our stuff gets in a set place that I know I can see it everyday.
Especially with the husband gone, I need to be more organized. Can I have the template please? Great idea and thanks for sharing! Very inspirational and impressive!

Anonymous said...

I used form to fill out a schedule for my "school year" that includes homeschool hours broken down by subject and chores for myself and the kids specific to what needs to be done each day. I color coded blocks by fill shading them blue for school "blocks" of time, and yellow for chores that MUST get done! Thanks for the help! :o) Theresa

Janelle said...

We bought that book a few years ago and I knew I would never be as disciplined as the author. We are definitely more "routine" than "schedule" people around here. I did the same steps as you. We lived with it for a while and made a few changes and I thought that would be it. What I have found is that it is always changing. Having it written out is so helpful, though, because you have a better starting point when you need to reevaluate. It is also good when adding new activities or going from The Summer "lazy" schedule back to a more organized School schedule.