Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My cousin Jason, the groom

I went to my cousin Jason's wedding this past weekend.  His Mom is my Dad's sister and we grew up together.

My aunt babysat me one summer so I was there every day.  Plus we were at my grandmother's house together a lot.  Of all my cousins Jason was closest to me in age.
My uncle's wedding.  Me in white.  Jason to my right.
I have lots of memories of our time playing together.  We played cars, He-Man, ran around at the park, summer camp at the Carleton Kirk, bike riding, going to the beach at Nan's, etc.  I can't watch Superman without thinking of both Jason and his brother Richie.  My aunt had the movie channel and taped everything.  (Howard the Duck and Fuzzbucket were favs too. Throwing that in there for Jason!)  
I don't think we were close just because of the age thing.  Jason is a softy and humored me and played Barbies.  I'm sure he doesn't want that getting out but he was just a kid!  He was always sweet to me.  He is very loyal.  When I was 19 and moved back to my hometown after being away for 3.5 years, Jason and I hung out again.  
He took me to get groceries since I didn't have a car and came over for regular visits.  
2009. Me with Vienna & Lance.  Jason w/his daughter Samantha.
To this day, he randomly calls me just to say HI.  He is thoughtful that way.  He is a trucker and looks like a big ole tough guy, but don't be fooled.
Jason's wedding day, June 23, 2012.
His new bride Amber is lucky to have him as a husband.  I'm certain he'll love her passionately and protect her.  

He has a good heart and I wish them all the happiness the world has to offer.  

Congrats Jason and Amber!  We pray for you marriage to be strong!  I pray God would be the center.  Laugh a lot and don't take yourselves too seriously!  Find joy in the simple things of life.  Humble yourselves.  Apologize first.  And put the other person ahead of yourself.  
Love to you from Connecticut!!!

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Jason said...

You said I never made a comment so here it is. Thank you Mary, big hugs and kisses to you for the kind words. Your the baby sister I never had and will always have a speaical place in my heart. You take care of yourself and those three gifts from god you have, and look after Jay. Give Jay my best and hope to talk to you or see you soon.

Jason :)