Friday, May 25, 2012

The joy in waiting

My daughter had her Spring Concert for school last night.  We went out for ice-cream afterwards to a little take-out window joint that is under new management. We weren't the only ones out for a special treat.  There was a big family in front of us (6 adults and 2 kids) and a family behind us (2 women and 2 kids).  We had a long wait as two people worked hard inside; they were clearly not used to the "rush".  The ladies behind us would not stop complaining about the slow service.  We chatted with the people in front of us because the little girl was in my daughter's class but each time my ears wandered to the ladies behind me, they were complaining.

What I wanted to say to them:
Ok so what if the service is slow?  You are with the people you are with to enjoy a nice night.  You're still together whether standing in a line or sitting on bench eating.  So your complaining is what is ruining your night, NOT the slow service.

But really I didn't say anything to them.  (Aren't we all braver in our heads?)  Honestly I was busy chatting with the family in front of us and managing my kids who were running around and HAPPY.  When I got to the window I realized that I had my bag with CHOOSE JOY embroidered on the side:

Not sure if they saw it, but that's my advice...  Just find the joy in the night, even if service is slow.  It really is about perspective and attitude.  I am going to choose joy.

"Do everything without complaining or arguing." Philippians 2:14


Kathy said...

It's truly sad but I see that kind of thing EVERYwhere I go lately! It's like they get angry at the cashiers if they have to wait more than a minute in a line and they feel that we should never have to wait. I hear ppl grumbling about why don't they open more registers or they simply huff and puff behind me. I'm always tempted to turn and say 'why don't you go ahead of me, you're obviously in a much bigger hurry than I am' - again with being braver in our heads!! It's sad that our society {country!} is so spoiled that this is common behavior. I feel it sets such a bad example to the next generation. :(

In Light of the Truth... said...

In restaurant situations lately, I've often been telling the kids when they start to get impatient, "We just get to SIT here and do nothing while they work hard making our food! Let's enjoy this time together!"