Thursday, May 31, 2012

Anyone can do that

When I was a teenager I remember talking to my Dad about art.  Specifically abstract art.  You know the kind that actually sells but looks like something a kid could do?  I said to my Dad:  "Anyone could do that."  And his response was rather genius. (Although don't tell him I said so because his head would explode.)

He said.  "But not just anyone did."  ... Stopped my thoughts right in their track.

I have carried that with me through the years and I acted on it yesterday.  I love cards.  I've been sending them to people since I was a teenager.  When I was in my early 20s I started scrapbooking.  Once I started having kids, I didn't prioritize scrapbooks but started making cards as a creative outlet.  I joined a card ministry at my church where I met many ladies who taught me new techniques.  I love sending a little love to people and personalizing their cards too.  Whether I incorporate their name, age, hobby, favorite color, animal or just the season of their birthday on a card, I always think of the recipient and often pray for them while crafting.  I rarely have a stash ready to go.

I have been thinking about selling cards for a long time but I'd see cards on Etsy and I know people who sell them so think why bother?  Plus I think to myself... anyone could make the cards I make.
But then I think back to my Dad's comment.

So while my cards may not be complicated, I am going to be a little more confident and take a chance. Sure anyone could make these cards; but not just anyone does.

I created a Facebook Page with the same title as my card blog:  APE Made by Mary
APE stands for (A Productive Endeavor).  And I love gorillas.  :o)

And sometimes I add cards to my card blog when I participate in online challenges (great source of inspiration): My card blog

I hope you'd remember me when you need a card.  I'd love to help you give something personal.

Thanks for swinging by!

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