Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Turkey dinner leftovers

I made something NEW without a recipe!  And it was good!  This is rare people.  In fact I don't remember the last time this has happened.
WOOT WOOT!  It's a miracle!
For Easter this year, we had some family visit from Canada.  I made a turkey on Saturday so we could enjoy leftovers on Sunday too.  They left yesterday (Monday) and we still had a bit of food leftover but definitely not enough to feed two adults, nevermind a family of five.  

So I put the rest of the turkey in a bowl, chopped up the handful of carrots left, tossed in the mashed potatoes, added some frozen broccoli for color, a can of cream of chicken soup, about a cup of leftover sour cream.  Mixed that all together.  
Then I pressed Pillsbury canned biscuits til they were flat and put them in muffin cups.  Added the turkey mixture. Baked on 350F for 30min.  And oh.my.yummy!  
So from one turkey we fed 8 people on Saturday.  Turkey sandwiches for lunch on Sunday.  Hot gravy turkey sandwiches with leftover veggies on Sunday for supper and then pot pies on Monday. 
Definitely doing that one again!
And totally had to share!
Happy Easter!

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