Monday, April 16, 2012

Time management (challenge with womenlivingwell)

This week in our challenge to establish new disciplines, Courtney at Women Living Well, talks about time management.  BUT first... an update from last week's challenge for our bodies.  I started using My Fitness Pal, an awesome food tracker program. 
Only problem was that by day 4 I was annoyed.  I was so consumed with my calorie count that I lost focus.  My goal is to eat HEALTHY and FUEL my body with NUTRITIOUS food.  I am not concerned with calories at this point.  I don't like my nose in my iPhone all day and I was on it FAR MORE - especially at meal time which is a HUGE pet peeve.  I did eat less than I normally would (which is good if I was trying to lose weight) because I didn't want to add it in the program.  But I didn't like sharing food with my kids because I measured it out first.  

I became like a growling dog.  "NO!  You can't have a bite.  I measured this yogurt and granola!"

So what I need is a system where I just track what I eat to make sure it's good for my body.  Like the old school pyramid or something where I can check off servings consumed.
My friend Kathy provided me a link to a system I'm going to try from the Grocery Shrink.  I hope this is more in line with what I'm looking for.  I also know many people who eat well and must get more recipes and food ideas.  And plan my meals AND snacks better.  So that's what I'm working on this week.

Now for TIME MANGEMENT.  In January I blogged about how at night before I go to bed I think about what I need to accomplish the next day.  I still do this.  Writing things out and seeing my list really helps me.  I also started using the Cozi family calendar which I blogged about here.  I am good at organizing stuff but what I learned that I only do things that seem pressing or urgent.  So many of my low priority things don't get done.  I am good about washing the clothes and even folding them but not good at getting them away.  I'm good about doing dishes but not clearing off the counter clutter of papers that pile up.  I seem to choose to do things that add no value to my day.  Being online consumes much of my time so I'm going to cut back.  Here is what Courtney specifically challenges us to do:
Week 2 – Challenge:1.  Sit down and look at your calendar.  Think about your priorities.
2.  Pray and ask God to give you wisdom as to what you should be doing with your time.
3.  Write out a list of what you need to get done this week – don’t forget to write in time with God!  
4.  Every morning this week, look over your to-do list.  Pray and ask God for wisdom.  Add, take away or move things on your list accordingly.
5. Continue this discipline next week and the week after.  Soon you will find order and rhythm to your days and weeks.
My schedule isn't overly booked.  I keep it that way on purpose.  So for me, it's what I'm doing (or rather NOT doing) with my "down" time.  Like now while the baby is napping.... Yes, I washed my kitchen floor (on my hands and knees to get it done well today I might add) and I did that BEFORE I came online to blog.  So I have to write down more of my LOW priority items and start tackling them!

On that note.  

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