Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Starting the day right

It's week 3 over at Women Living Well and Courtney challenges us to start our stay with scripture before we read ANYTHING else.  As part of the Good Morning Girls group, I was pretty good at getting up and doing my study in the morning but now that it's over, I don't feel the pressure to read my bible FIRST THING in the morning.  After the challenge this week however, I moved a perpetual flip calendar into my bathroom cause I always go in there after I wake up!  Now I see a fresh scripture each day and I am starting my day with God first.  Even if it's quick.  And even if I'm in the bathroom.  And even if I'm praying in the shower.  So far so good.  It's good to have that reminder because this is a NEW habit and I will honestly forget my intentions if I don't have memory triggers!
Also in an effort to help spend better time together as a family (see this post from last week for more on that), I created this sign and put it up in our kitchen.  My husband is very supportive and works well with schedules so we're liking this!  I personally have really loved our internet free evenings much much more.  The 7pm timeframe does vary because it's impossible to get 3 kids to bed simultaneously but they go down in order of age, youngest to oldest.  But this is a guide and it's helping!
If anyone wants a copy of this doc, I made it in Word and can email it to you.  (I found the clipboard pic online.) So just let me know!

Thanks for swinging by!


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

great idea! i try to have at least one verse in the bathroom at all times so i can memorize it while i'm in there doing my hair/makeup, etc. it really works!

Love, Grace said...

Awesome, Mary! We'll be doing the computer/TV free time frame starting tomorrow (hubby is working late tonight). I've been convicted about it before but needed a little push, thanks!
Also love the idea with the scripture verses in the bathroom. :)

Emily said...

I'd so like this Mary! Just a neat idea--the clipboard! Also, having something in the bathroom! It's the first place I go and what a great way to start the day with scripture and leave it fresh in your mind all day! Great, and wonderful tips! :)