Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More time management

I've thought more about time management since I'm following the challenge over at Women Living Well and have decided to share HOW I'm going to manage our time better.  I've told my husband.  I have his support and I've made some easy goals that can be met!

In just about every episode I've seen of Supernanny, Jo Frost created a family schedule so that the parents were sure to spend QUALITY time with their children.  I have decided to be more purposeful with our time in the evenings between supper and the kids' bedtime.
Til now we eat supper and the kids play.  Jay and I grab our coffee and depending on how our days looked, we catch up and talk or I zip up to the office to craft or hop online.  Jay also is on his ipad although he's usually better than me; he's online in the same room with the kids.  ha!
I have always justified this time.  I've been with them and I just want to be off duty.  BUT when you think about it, supper to bedtime is only about an hour and half. Not much time to do homework, tidy up and do the whole bedtime routine (pjs, teeth, read, prayers, chat, sing).  And more importantly, this is the only time we are TOGETHER as a family.

Do I really want to spend it the way I have been??

I saw this quote over at Women Living Well and can't stop thinking of it:

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” Annie Dillard

So thinking of my days, is this how I want to live my life... no!
April 2012.  Photo by me.
So what is my biggest problem?  ... Facebook.  
It's not that I hate FB.  In fact, I love it.
I have gotten to know people better and I carry that to real life.  I see people at church and have MORE to say to them because I know a little of what's going on in their lives.  Great ice breaker!  I am NOT one of those people who have friends on FB that I wouldn't talk to in person.  
Even if I hated FB though, I don't know that I could just quit because that's how people communicate very important information these days.  Pregnancy announcements, baby announcements, engagement news, prayer requests, etc.  If I'm not on there, I can't count on emails with this sort of news because people just don't do that as much anymore.  In fact, some of my friends don't even check their email anymore.
Then there is a feeling of guilt I suffer from.  I actually had a friend whose baby was sick and I didn't see it on FB.  She messaged me privately saying she was disappointed that I hadn't contacted her out of concern.  I hadn't seen her status update and felt attacked.  So is there this expectation out there that if I don't go on FB that people will actually think I don't care about them?  I'm not sure but to cover myself and to let go of that guilt,  I put a message on FB to say that I am limiting my time on there and I'm also explaining here for anyone reading.  I don't want people to think I don't care about them.  And I pray that I get together with people in person to hang out, rather than relying on FB to fulfill my social needs.
Yes I've said this before.  But I also said that I would work out before and look at me!  I ran my first 5K last month.  So don't underestimate my dedication to this.  And if you are a doubter, I need your encouragement!  And if you are a friend and see me on FB too much, just send me a private message and hold me accountable!  

So there you go.  Two areas that are doable and realistic for me.
More family time.  Less online socializing.

What about you?  Anyone else struggle with time management as much as me?  Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with social network sites?

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Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

been thinking about that quote since you shared it the other day. it is sticking with me!