Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More discipline

Since January, I've been faithfully reading my bible every day and working out regularly.  I actually wrote about desire here and how my perspective has changed.  BUT I still have much to improve on.  Courtney at Women Living Well (who leads the Good Morning Girls bible study that I LOVE!) started a challenge this week to work on 5 new disciplines.  This week it's about body.  
Here are some of my new goals for health:
- core strengthening exercises
- eat to nourish my body, not to simply make it feel full

My friend Kathy is also doing this challenge and started a group on Facebook where friends can encourage and motivate one another.  I don't want to get obsessive but I know I need goals to work towards.  I know I can accomplish this if I follow a plan.  Problem is that there are so many out there!  But I saw this scheduled workout from a blogger and I liked it so I'm going to give it a try starting tonight.
I think I might do what Kathy suggested too and journal my food so I can see what I'm putting in my mouth. Maybe that'll help me make better choices.

It's not too late to start so let me know if you are doing this too!!

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Kathy said...

yay! So happy to have you join me! woohoo, we can do it!