Saturday, April 28, 2012

The many jobs of Mary

Before I had kids and became a stay-at-home-mom, I had no clue what I wanted to do with myself.  
I babysat.
I did retail. (tuxes, gift shop, kids clothes, dept store)
I was in the Canadian Army Reserves as a Medic.

I sold timeshares.  (Actually make that singular because I only sold ONE before leaving that job.)
I was an attendant (personal care) for students with physical disabilities who lived in residence at University. 
I worked in a call center for a bank.

I was a receptionist for a government agency.
I worked for a recruiter/head hunter in the automotive industry as an assistant and even did phone interviews.
I worked as an administrative assistant in Human Resources.

If I think about all those jobs, they really tie well to what I am doing now.
I'm a domestic engineer.  SAHM.  Housewife.  Caretaker.... whatever you call it.  My preference is HOME MAKER.  My primary goal/focus right now is making my house a home - a place of rest from the world.  I support my man, I take care of 3 kids and every job I had in the past has actually helped me do this!

I never saw myself as a stay at home mom type.
But it is more fulfilling than I ever thought possible because this is exactly where God wants me!

Sometimes I wonder what I would have done if I didn't have kids or had to work outside the home.
I'm grateful to not HAVE to make that choice because I love what I do but I'm adding to my resume come September.....

We are going to give homeschooling a try! 
And I am super excited!

Vienna is doing well at public school academically. But it's the time at school that is a problem. She leaves at 8am and returns at 3:30pm. I start supper at 4pm.  We eat. She does homework.  She plays a little before her 7-7:30pm bedtime. So that leaves little time to spend time with her.  Then throw in after school activities for three kids!  UGH!  This year was bad enough with just Vienna in cheerleading.  I hated those busy nights and really hated feeling rushed.  I don't want to be a part of that fast paced mom taxi lifestyle that many are a part of.  Vienna also has some attitude issues that are totally normal for her age.  But how can I work on it if I'm not even with her all day?

As for Lance, he is very tender-hearted and sensitive. He's also very busy and active. In fact, at his current preschool, the teachers have had to talk to me about him paying attention. So I wonder how he'd be in a traditional classroom setting? Lance is JUST LIKE Jay and he failed grade 2. He was not ready for school and has many bad memories of those early school days.  

We only have a few short years with our kids before they desire that independence so you know what? I want to take full advantage of them wanting to hang out with me! I'm cool right now. :o)  I think it’s great that we live in a country where there are options for education!  I know many homeschooling families, all with different reasons for doing so and who use different curriculum so I have now til Sept to get ready.  I plan to attend a homeschooling convention in June to learn even more.  And there are oodles of resources online, nevermind my friends.
So that is the latest and greatest adventure here in Newmania.  
I'm going to be a teacher!  Got to add that to my resume!

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In Light of the Truth... said...

I totally unserstand not wanting to become the mom taxi! I'm not thrilled w the idea of having the kids going this way and that in the afternoon/evenings or Saturdays too. That's our time as a family for now and that's why I have yet to sign the kids up for anything, cuz I know once we start there's no going back! You have such a joy for your kids, I know you'll do great!