Thursday, April 19, 2012

I mean it!

"Oh ya you love Facebook."
"You're on there all the time."
"I was wondering how long it'd take you to comment."
And "Let's see how long this lasts." was the most recent comment I got about my time on Facebook.

Oh ya!?  Well it IS different this time.
Just like it was different in January for me to start running and getting fit.

And you know what motivates me more than ever?

My reputation.  And my kids.

I will not be known as Mary Newman, the girl who is always on Facebook.
And I will set an example for my children.  It's not good to have your nose online all day.  I want to communicate with the people IN FRONT of me.
Plus, I don't want anyone to think I sit in front of my computer all day long.
I commented on Facebook a lot because I didn't want people to think I was a lurker.
But I'd rather be a lurker than a Mom who looks back on these years with regret.

There are many other things I'd rather people think of when they think of me.  Sadly my time on Facebook had become a problem in this regard.
And if I'm honest, I'm going thru withdraw.  I think about it regularly.  Earlier when Jay texted me, I instinctively clicked on the FB icon (and quickly closed it!).  And after supper when we went outside, I sat down, pulled out my phone and realized what I was doing!  I immediately got up, put my phone in my pocket and pushed my sweet boys on the swings and cleaned out the shed.

So yes.  I like the new Mary Newman much much better.  She's more present.  And more involved in her life, rather than everyone else's.

So again doubters... I mean it!

(And a total side note, my husband was really sweet when I had this talk with him.  He said he admired my efforts and didn't think I was on too much.  He is so supportive of me no matter what.  I'm a blessed lady!)


Kathy said...

don't listen to the 'haters' you can do this! I can too! =)

Tracey said...

Ha! :) I had to remove it from my shortcuts bar... it's like muscle memory.