Monday, April 9, 2012

Clothing purge

Two posts ago, I blogged about the infamous Mom jeans.  It was intended to be a lighthearted post about why so many women (like me) wear old outdated pants. Mom jeans (ie. outdated, high-waist, small pocket jeans) are often the subject of jokes and I linked to an over the top video from an over the top show to back up that point.

If that video offended anyone, I am very sorry.  I know it's not everyone's sense of humor and sometimes I forget that more people than just friends my age read my blog.  It's available for ANYONE to read plus not everyone knows ME and how I dress.  I don't want anyone to think I look down on people who aren't trendy.  Au contraire!!!

I also said that I was going to get rid of my outdated pants for the sake of all things hip and cool.
I want to clarify.
"Hip and cool" is not the look I really want.  I don't like many of today's styles.
I don't like tight.  I don't like revealing.  And I don't like short.
I think women should dress feminine yet modestly.  (And I am not going into WHY in this post.  Just explaining HOW I like to dress.)
I am NO fashionista.  In fact, you know which celebrity I love for her fashion sense?  Marie Ramone from Everybody Loves Raymond!  I love how her blouses match her earrings.  I've loved her since I was in my 20s.  During that show, she was in her 60s at least right?
I like to be comfy.  I'm far too practical to dress otherwise.
But when I dress better, I feel better.  It adds confidence.
I wear sweats about 98% of the time when I am home.  I save my good clothes for when I go out.
But there is a way to be comfortable and still look presentable when a neighbor pops over unexpectedly.  And that is how I want to dress.

You know what it's like to put on your favorite shirt and you just feel good in it?  And you know when you put on an outfit and you don't like it but you don't have much else so you just wear it anyway?  Or  you see yourself in a photo and realize that is not what you want to project to the world?  I don't want to feel frumpy.  These are the clothes I am committing to parting with.

2012 has been a great year getting my life on track.  I work out, I read my bible daily and I want to feel good in the clothes I wear among some other changes that I intend to blog about in the future.  I share my journey publicly as a way to offer encouragement and pass on tips and ideas.  In no way do I want to offend anyone who may be at a different place in life.  Just had to clarify that!  I realize not everyone even cares about clothes in the same way so I'm definitely not wanting anyone to think that I am looking down on them for how they live or dress.   Thank you for understanding.  Sorry for such a long post with no pictures!  haha!

Happy Spring cleaning!

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